Starzlachklamm Hike – DE

A name so hard to pronounce, that I don’t even realize if it’s spelled right 🙈🙊

Anyhow, getting down to the facts: what is the Starzlachklamm experience? It’s AWESOMENESS!!!

„Klamm” word in German means a rocky gorge with waterfalls.

You have to do it at least once in your life. And if you really need some hardcore sensations, then aim for the Starzlachklamm Canyoning. What is that? Is CRAZYNESS, honestly! People are sliding on the rocks, in the waterfalls, like kids on a water slide. These are called technical sprints. More about canyoning.

For me, this whole canyoning stuff in the rocky and swirling riverbed is completely new and it really looks dangerous, but come on now, who am I to decide that? If you need to try it out, then you need to try it out, it’s your call 🤷‍♀️

By the way: the canyoning experience is 89 eur/person for the fearless people and the „normal people” 😁 hiking access into the rocky gorge costed around 9 eur for 3 persons and it is really worthy.

The hiking path is in very good condition and the mountan landscapes are wonderful. You have to be in a moderate good shape to go through the rocky climbing path, but it’s worth the effort.


I’ll just post the photos with our hiking circuit so you could taste a piece of a nice hiking adventure.

👉 canyoning seen by us

👉 canyoning implies also rock climbing and lots of adrenaline

👉 wonderful narrow paths take you from the forest into the rocky landscapes

👉 at the end of the climbing trail, a fairytale lanscape opens up in front of you. It looks like Heidi’s Swiss and sweet mountains

👉 for tired people, there is a minitrain that can take you back to the city

for tired people

👉 in the surroundings, at about 7 min walk, there is a mine. Google said it was closed, so we didn’t put it on our check list

👉 here, on the plateau, car access is allowed. The way back to our parking place lasts at least one more hour and it goes on the road and then again through the forest

👉 then the circuit gets through the town and then another segment on the fields, on plane road

👉 circuit hints


Enjoy and tell me if you liked it 🌞

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